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Uptime (2013)
Facebook app for on demand site uptime checking
This project is a 2-day sprint project William created to refamiliarize himself with the Facebook API. It's goal is to provide users with the ability to not only check whether their sites are serving pages but also that their services/database connections are working by checking for the existence of a particular string.

For example, on the URL could point to a portfolio page and Uptime would search for a particular string/phrase that would only show up in the source if the database connection was good to go. Future updates to this application could include the ability to send POST data to a website to test login functionality, etc. The caveat is that it probably would not be able to test CAPTCHA protected logins or forms with secret tokens due to the complexities of supporting those types.

This application is powered by CakePHP and uses Javascript and YQL to do the uptime checking.

This application was abandoned in 2014

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