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Speed Online Card Game (2002)
Windows multiplayer game
A TCP/IP multiplayer card game developed in Borland C++ Builder, this game is an online version of the popular card game, Speed. The basic premise behind the game is two players each start off with a stack of cards and try to get rid of their cards as fast as possible. The first player to finish their deck, wins. For a more thorough explanation of the game, please see the Speed Wikipedia article.

This game supported actions via both mouse clicks and via hotkeys. Both the client are server run on the same executable file and players are able to play multiple games against each other once a connection is established. There is a basic chat window on the bottom of the screen and the cards were draw by one of William's friends. One of the modern drawbacks of this game is that latency issues can give the server player an advantage.

This project may get a remake in the future

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