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SolidFramework (2005)
PHP Framework
This in-house PHP framework is a collection of classes with a mini-MVC architecture that was developed over William's early PHP web development career. Unsatisfied with the Zend Framework and other implementations at the time, he strove to develop his own tools and classes to get a better understanding of the internals of the applications he was developing. As a result, there is much overlap between what was in SolidFramework and what is available via third party libraries and frameworks today.

This project was eventually abandoned when William migrated to the Symfony and CakePHP frameworks.

Here is a breakdown of some SolidFramework classes by name:

SolidArchive: Takes a dataset from SolidDB and duplicates it in another location, working with SolidLog to report the action.
SolidCipher: A wrapper around various PHP encryption methods.
SolidCURL: A wrapper/utility for curl operations that added special data cleaning methods and default configuration options
SolidDB: A SQL adapter for MS SQL and MySQL that allowed William's projects to deploy with either database.
SolidEmail: A wrapper for PHPMailer that introduced templating and simplified the header creation process.
SolidError: An error reporting class that worked with SolidLog to report errors.
SolidFilter: A collection of commonly used regular expressions for data manipulation/cleaning
SolidLoad: A autoloader for SolidFramework classes
SolidLog: A logging system that introduced thresholds/severity for different types of status alerts and errors.
SolidLogin: Worked with SolidCipher to create a standard login/password/seed/hash login system with remember me authentication and password retrieval services via SolidEmail.
SolidMassEmail: Worked with SolidMail to introduce mass email templating/sending functionality. Also added ability to import from XLS, CSV, or database data sources.
SolidMessage: A basic key-value system for storing messages bulletin-board style. Used for private messaging, forum posts, blog posts, etc
SolidPermission: A user role management system
SolidReports: A templating system for running customized SQL queries a-la Crystal Reports
SolidUpload: Upload handling
SolidUsers: Worked with SolidLogin and SolidPermission
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